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F.O.C.I. (Friends of Coney Island)

  • Amusing the Zillion A former carny kid casts an insider’s eye on the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between
  • Kinetic Carnival The Coney Island Blog
  • Ocean 7 These "Extreme Coders" are responsible for our online giftshop. Thanks guys!
  • Coney Island Lager Fresh from the twisted minds of our friends at Shmaltz Brewing! Get a taste of Coney Island!
  • Gary Beeber Two time Coney Island Film Festival Documentary Short Winner including Ballymaster, starring our own Scott Baker!
  • Funny Garbage Making our website worth watching!
  • Stacy Horn and ECHO are a big part of Coney Island.com's success. Check out Stacy's book Cyberville and the Manhattan Samba Group.
  • Marie Roberts Our Artist in Residence and banner painter extraordinaire!
  • Adam Rinn Our Sideshow School Professa!
  • IndieFilmPage.com Co-presenters of the Coney Island Film Festival and Coney Island Film Society.
  • Dirty Martini The Queen of the New York Burlesque Scene!
  • Julie Atlas Muz Performance artist and star of the burlesque stage.
  • Mat Fraser Can a disabled performer ever be seen as anything but a freak? Mat's one man show asks this and more.
  • The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus A new generation of traveling circus show!
  • The World Famous Pontani Sisters The Mambo Italiano Burlesque Can-Can Dancing Stars of Coney Island!
  • The Great Throwdini The World Champion Knife Thrower
  • Lola Staar The girl behind the tee shirt line that has captured the hearts of millions.
  • Princess Pat- former sideshow performer and international pop star.
  • I.F.O.C.E. The International Federation of Competitive Eating! Hot dogs anyone?
  • LUAKABOP Former King Neptune David Byrne's legendary record label! Check out the Toybox!
  • The Monks are great friends of Coney Island. Their books and website feature some of New York's greatest characters-Namely US!!
  • Volcanic Video Dave Channon is an eccentric videographer and Manhattan Public Access Cable activist who has done a lot of work with Coney Island over the years.
  • Amos Wengler The Coney Island Troubador
  • Fisherman Master of the historic 100-year old Harley -Sadler Marimba Xylophone



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