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Burlesque at the Beach

Burlesque on the BeachLogo

The Great Fredini and Bambi present:

Fireworks after the fireworks all summer long!!

Every Thursday & Friday at 10PM during the Summer season, The Great Fredini and Bambi present our popular Burlesque on the Beach- A revival of the most glorious and notorious of the "girlie revues" in Coney Island history. The sumptuous decor, fabulou bubble machine and swell girls make burlesque one of Coney's hottest attractions! Every Friday night brings an all new show with outrageous acts in Teaser's Wine Baths. A blend of old style burlesque, sideshow freaks, strange women, new vaudeville and toe tappin' music... its fireworks after the fireworks!


Friday, May 30th, 10pm, $15
Ixion Burlesque

GEORGIA SOTHERN goes to CONEY ISLAND ! A historical re-creation of the Minsky Follies and burlesque legend Georgia Sothern continues in the playland of playlands! Ixion will present another evening of LIVE MUSIC - GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY - MINSKY SKITS AND COMIC BITS - and of course the multi-talented RunAround Sue as GEORGIA SOTHERN!

Thursday, June 5th, 10pm, $10
Cowboy Chris' Cowgirlesque!
Howdy there buckaroos and buckarettes! We're proud to announce the first performance of Chris McDaniels' new show "Cowgirlesque!" A Wild West Revue starring Angelica, the 'hottest' cowgirl in town! Plum Manchego, with her incredible Patsy Cline tribute plus a totally new number! Remy Vicious, our own sexy 'outlaw' and Rosie 151, Gunsmoke's 'Miss Kitty' has got nuthin' on our favorite saloon gal And of course, your Master of Ceremonies Chris McDaniels on whips and ropes!

Come on out and hoot n' holler with the Cowgirls and Cowboys! It's a 'show-deo' you'll never forget!

Friday, June 6th, 10pm, $15


Badass Burlesque's Hookers on the Beach

Pimp daddy Formika hosts a hothouse full of HOOKERS!

Thursday, June 12th, 10pm, $10


Adam, the First Real Man presents: Blue Suede Jews

Friday, June 13th, 10pm, $15
Remy Vicios' Los Muerte Atomicos 3

Los Muerte Atomicos 3

Thursday, June 19, 10pm
World Famous Bob presents Candyland in Coneyland

Thursday, June 26, 10pm
Mel and Fanny in "Zombies Take Manhattan"
Slipper Room
The Slipper Room's hosts Mel And Fannie Frye bring what's left of Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge for a taste of burlesque, the Mr. Choade way. When a zombie plague hits Manhattan They take their girls to the beach for some comedy, strip tease, and live music you gotta see to believe.

Friday, June 27, 10pm
The Peach Tartes
The Peach Tartes, New York's Juiciest Burlesque Troupe, are joining forces with The World Famous *BOB* (and her famous "big top") to pitch a tent at Coney Island and give New Yorkers the burlesque circus they have been waiting for…

Step right up! Step right up! Don't be afraid to step right up! We've got it all: Peanuts! Popcorn! Pasties! Souvenirs! Soda Pop! Fringe Galore! Glitter! Feathers! Tassels! Cotton Candy! G-Strings! …and much much more!

Elephants that tap dance! Clowns that bump and grind! Aerialists that will drive you out of your mind! For children of all ages (except those underage). Starring the Peach Tartes and The World Famous *BOB*

Thursday, July 3, 10pm
Albert Cadabra & Gal Friday's The Skin & Scullduggery Show
Give your Fourth of July some BANG with the best in Maniacal Magic, Scintillating Sideshow, Bodacious Balloon Action, and Boobs Boobs Boobs!!
Gal Friday, the Five-Alarm Fire of Burlesque
Ruby the Wonder Dog, cute, cuddly, and show-stopping
Mistress B, the sexy latex lass
Jelly Boy the Clown, the clown with the upside down frown... turned upside down!
Jo Boobs, head mistress of the NY School of Burlesque
Special Duet by:Ê The Fires Down Below
Albert Cadabra, The Great Deceiver and Host Extraordinaire

"Don't miss out on the raunchy raffle and the sexy's on the beach!Ê Forget the firecrackers and let us pop your cherry bombs!"

Thursday, July 10, 10pm
Hotsy Totsy Burlesque
A high camp burlesque soap opera, featuring twirling tassels, flying underpants, and death defying nudity!
Hosted by Donny vomit. Featuring: Plum Manchego, Cherry Pitz, Rosie 151, Fem Appeal, Amber Alert, Connie Baker & Ginger Fringe.

Friday, July 11, 10pm
Bonnie Dunn's Le Scandal presents: Reefer Madness
Le Scandal is in it's 8th year in NYC! Backed by the Le Scandal Orchestra. Burlesque, Circus, Live Music. Wave your freak flag high. This year we have a high wire act. They get high, real high, but they never leave the ground....if you get my drift. Starring Miss Bonnie Dunn, Little Brooklyn and Noah, Melody Sweet, Marcus Monroe, Eric Walton and many more burlesque and variety stars.

Thursday, July 17, 10pm
Miss Saturn's HulaPalooza
The revolutionary Miss Saturn is hosting an ALL HULA HOOP CABARET where comedy, burlesque, and circus converge. Thursday, July 17th; 10 PM. Come watch people do UNSUAL FEATS OF DEXTERITY while removing their clothing. Featured performers are Melody Sweets, Malcolm and Brent from Groove Hoops, Harvest Moon, Miss Pinkie... and you. If you can hula hoop for more than 30 seconds you win a free drink and a special prize from Miss Saturn.

Friday, July 18, 10pm
Starshine Burlesque

Thursday, July 24, 10pm
The 25th Annual Miss Pinchbottom 1983 Pageant
Beauty, poise, intelligence, and a nice ass: these are the qualities necessary to earn the coveted title of Miss Pinchbottom 1983. Witness the drama as world-class finalists Nasty Canasta, Clams Casino, GiGi La Femme, Scarlet Sinclair and Tigger! clamber to the top of the heap in the contest for the crown. Celebrity MC Jonny Porkpie fuels the fires as elegance and charm are flung about at the 25th Annual Miss Pinchbottom 1983 Pageant at Burlesque on the Beach. (www.pinchbottom.com)
Friday, July 25, 10pm
Fisherman's Love Luau
Thursday, July 31, 10pm
Bunny Love's Little Friday
Bunny Love
Friday, August 1,10pm
This or That!

Thursday, August 7, 10pm
Dirty Martini Presents: That's Amoré!
AllItalia Burlesque straight from the mean streets of Napoli
Dirty Martini
Dirty Martini has just returned from a month of performing with Cabaret New Burlesque at the first ever Napoli Theater Festival and wanted to bring a bit of the homeland back to Brooklyn as only she can. The show features tour mates Harvest Moon with a world premiere italian themed number, Miss MImi LeMeaux all the way from San Diego in her New York debut and the New York premiere of Miss Martini's italian hit "Mafioso". If that wasn't enough, the show is hosted by the king of Italy himself, Jesus Christ. You think you've seen San Gennaro? This show is a bonified Eye-talian miracle!!

Dirty 'The Don' Martini
'The Capo of Coney' Bambi the Mermaid
Bunny 'the Body' Love
Card shark, Nasty Canasta
Straight outta Brooklyn, The World Famous *Bob*
Harvest 'the Killer' Moon
'The Green Machine' Fem Appeal
special appearance by Sara 'the mouth' Valentine
with your Heavenly Host, King of kings, Jesus Christ

Friday, August 8,10pm
Bambi the Mermaid Presents: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" SURREALIST Burlesque
Thursday, August 14, 10pm
Jo Boobs' Sixth Annual Follies Fromage- A Student Showcase from the NY School of Burlesque
By Ted D'Ottavio
It's the cheesiest burlesque event in the world! Students from the Coney Island Master class will perform, some for the first time EVER, doing cheese-themed acts at Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island. Can they cut it? They'll be doing their dairy best!! Featuring Host: Jo Boobs as Fanny Fromage Coney Island Babies: Atta Girl Cozy Josie Della Dare Fleur de Lys Gal Friday Lucy Hotsheets Magnolia La Mer Philly Caramel Tazza Parmigiana Plus Stage Kitten: Cherry Magdalene as Paris Stilton

Friday, August 15, 10pm
Jo Boobs presents: A Salute to Breakfast Cereal
Snap Crackle Strip!
Could it be?--an entire show based on breakfast cereal! Come hear the history of this amazing food, and discover why the performers keep appearing on the sides of milk cartons! With Jo Boobs Bambi the Mermaid Bunny Love Darlinda Just Darlinda Gal Friday Nasty Canasta Remy Vicious World Famous *BOB*

Thursday, August 21, 10pm
Clams Casino and Neil O'Fortune present: AM GOLD
Jump in Clams Casino & Neil O'Fortune's yacht of love and cruise the Coney Island waves to the sounds of the smoothest rock of the 70's and 80's: the songs that you can't get out of your head! A night of hits from the likes of Kenny Loggins, Chicago, the Doobie Brothers and Journey--but instead of bearded white guys in open collars and captains' hats, experience the world's slickest music the way it should be: with New York's hottest burlesque stars! Join your hosts, Clams Casino and Neil O'Fortune for a night of pure soft rock power, featuring an all-star cast not to be missed: Anita Cookie, Creamy Stevens, Darlinda Just Darlinda, GiGi LaFemme, Kenny Law and Runaround Sue!
Friday, August 22,10pm
Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers
The Animal Crackers Eccentric Dancers hilariously sultry Burlesque and Eccentric Dance explosion! SEX POT/ CRACK POT! BURLESQUE! mixes the cracked out comedy of Eccentric Dance with the seductive art of Burlesque. Starring Burlesque, Comedian and Clown performers; Amy Animal Miss Saturn, Pinkie Special, Darlinda Just Darlinda meet up with Harvest Moon to create side splitting, knee slapping, tongue in cheek entertainment that is The Animal Crackers.

Thursday, August 28, 10pm
An evening celebrating the terrifying, cunty, crotchety, and classy
women of old Hollywood. Hosted by World Famous *BOB*
Sequinette as Baby Jane
Iggy as Marlene Dietrich
Violet Temper as Joan Crawford
Jessica Rabbit
Chris Tanner
Lance Cruce, Robert Appleton, and Brandon Olsen
Glenn Marla and Bebe
Kipps Ahoy
Friday, August 29,10pm
2008 Coney Island Rockabilly Festival
Witness fire breathing clowns in dresses, needles through the skin, through the muscle, between the bones! A hand cuffed burial in broken glass and death defying upside down sword swallow on a trapeze by the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow! Get your geek on with sexy, nerdy burlesque by New York’s newest burlesque troupe, The Merkinettes. Where glasses, head gear and knee sox never looked so hot. And real live surfabilly straight from the heart of New York City from The Tunnel Rockets!

Featuring: The Tunnel Rockets, Matters Squidling, Betty Bloomerz, The Amazing Barry Silver, Jelly Boy the Clown, Stormy Leather, Fem Appeal, Lil’ Miss Lixx & Weirdee Girl.

Friday, September 5, 10pm
Bambi the Mermaid Presents:
The Sixth Annual Miss Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant
Miss CI

Come out and help choose our new Queen as Coney Island's ambassador to the world!

With Live Band- The Legendary Simon and the Bar Sinisters!
Host The Great Fredini will will offer up a selection of contests featuring:
Legs Malone
Ruby Valentine
Gal Friday
Femme Appeal
Taylor Mac
Rosie 151
Cherry Pitts
Kit Cat
and featuring the 2007-8 Miss Coney Island Serpentina!
Special Gueast appearances by Bambi and Bunny Love!

Friday, September 12, 10pm
Tigger's MAN: A-Tease II!

Last year's MAN: A Tease! was Coney's 1st Ever All-Male Strip Show!
Presented by Tigger! - the award-winning, "taboo-defying dynamo" called "the King of Boylesque."
If you missed HIStory last year, Come See Lightning (Rods) Strike Twice!
Tigger! brings you the Best of Boylesque! All Men. All Stripping. All Night.
(with Special Surprise Superstar Guest!)
Don't miss the Golden Shower!

Friday, September 19, 10pm
This or That!

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NEW!!-Burlesque Academy!!!
Learn the tricks of the trade from Professor Jo Boobs in the new Coney Island Sideshow School Burlesque Master Class.
Burlesue Academy

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