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Burlesque at the Beach

Burlesque on the BeachLogo

The Great Fredini and Bambi present:

Fireworks after the fireworks all summer long!!
Please note that in July and August this year, we will also be having Thursday "Bawdville at the Beach" Shows at 10pm!

Every Friday at 10PM during the Summer season, The Great Fredini and Bambi present our popular Burlesque on the Beach- A revival of the most glorious and notorious of the "girlie revues" in Coney Island history. The sumptuous decor, fabulou bubble machine and swell girls make burlesque one of Coney's hottest attractions! Every Friday night brings an all new show with outrageous acts. A blend of old style burlesque, sideshow freaks, strange women, new vaudeville and toe tappin' music... its fireworks after the fireworks!


Burlesque at the Beach
Friday Shows:

May 4- Cinco De Mayo Season Kickoff
May 11- Ixion's Gypsy Rose Lee Tribute
May 18- Red Hots' Big Bad Beautiful
May 25- Bump & Grindhouse
June 1- The VaVaVoom Room
June 8- Badass Burlesque
June 15- Buns & Roses' Tits & Giggles
June 22- No Show
June 29- The World Famous Pontani Sisters
July 6- Le Scandal Rockin Country Blues
July 13- Starshine Burlesque's I *pastie* NY
July 20- Fisherman's Love Luau
July 27- Christmas in July
August 3- Jo Boobs Follies Fromage
August 10- Ophelia Rottencrotch's Funeral
August 17-America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow- This or That!
August 24- Insectavora's Trailer Trash Birthday Bash
August 31- Remy Vicious' Lucha Muerte
September 7- Pinchbottom Burlesque
September 14- The Miss Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant
September 21- America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow- This or That!
Bawdville at the Beach
Thursday Shows:
July 12- Sweet & Nasty Burlesque
July 19- Sister Fredereique's Home for Wayward Girls
July 26- Clowns of Coney Island
August 2- Peach Tartes
August 9- Miss Saturn's HulaPalooza
August 16- Red Hots Burlesque
August 23- Tigger's Boylesque
August 30- Miss Coney Island's Last Splash
May 4
Special 9pm show:
Miss Coney Island Presents a Cinco de Mayo Spectacular!

Miss Coney Island
Join Miss Coney Island Ekaterina, along with Julie Atlas Muz, Pookie Patootie, Bunny Love, Bambi, The Great Fredini, Adam Rinn and special guests, for a romping evening and a special Anna Nicole Smith Wine Bath Tribute!!!!!

May 11

Ixion Burlesque presents:
GYPSY ROSE LEE and the Minsky Follies


Starring Burgundy Brixx as Gypsy Rose Lee
with Amelia Danger, Lucy Buttons, Lil Miss Lixx, Stormy Leather, Doug Thoms and Ms Minx live with the Ixion Band!

May 18

The Red Hots Present:
Big Bad Beautiful Burlesque at the Beach

red hot
Spring has sprung and you may be worried about Coney Island losing its culture, but never fear, there are eight big bad and beautiful ladies who will not let that happen. Velocity Chyaldd, World Famous *Bob*, Dottie Lux, Glenn Marla, Yellow Fever, Old Ma Femme, Lady Rigel and Tangerine Jones come together to celebrate Coney's summer season, being round, being radical and being radiant. Each of these performers are noted solo artists and have accolades and accomplishments like:

"NYC's Hottest Fat Go-Go", Miss Lower East Side 2006, "No Stranger to Controversy", female female impersonator , "Russ Meyers Wet Dream", "Brown Sugar Hurricane", "Best Boobs", featured performer at the Life Ball in Vienna and Village Voice Choice just to name a few.

May 25
Clams Casino & Neil O'Fortune's Bump & Grindhouse

A cheeky, freaky, tassel-twirling homage to the classic schlock and shock films of double features and nights at the drive-in! Not for the faint of heart, every one of the night's performances will take the form of a gruesome, campy movie trailer. Your screaming starlets for the evening: Nasty Canasta, Creamy Stevens, Clams Casino, Lola Pearl, Precious Little, Kit Cat, and, boylesque sensation, the White Boom Boom, plus a special appearance by Vlad and Creighton of the late-night cable hit Ghoul a-Go-Go! The Lady Aye will be your emcee, with Bastard Keith as the voice of doom! All building to the unbelievable wine bath finale that will have the entire cast drenched in the lurid juices of…The Cannibal Blood Bath!
June 1

The VaVaVoom Room
The Va Va Voom Room is considered the classiest and most classic burlesque show in NYC... until it hits the beaches of Coney Island where it devolves into a very tawdry affair. Come join us for this seasons abomination, "Coneytown Massacre!" where we celebrate The New Coney Island, the demise of Astroland, and the building of what is sure to be a beautiful brand new stripmall!! While we're toasting progress, why limit our celebration to the cult of money, greed, and excess? Why not celebrate all the great cult leaders! That's right: we're rolling out Jim Jones, Charles Manson,The Branch Davidians, and L. Ron Hubbard for your amusement!

Starring: Miss Astrid, Little Brooklyn, The World Famous *BOB*, Albert Cadabra, Bambi, Bunny Love, Jo Boobs, and More!!

Come have a sip of our Kool-Aid Wine Bath!

June 8
Velocity Chyaldd presents 'My Bloody !BadAss!'

!BadAss! honors the summertime tradition in blood-soaked glory! Editrix Abby Ehmann hosts a bevy of gory gals giving gorgeous gore, Hate in the Box delivers live punk rock, DJ Velocity & VJ Keith Crass keep it sick!"

June 15
Buns&Roses' Tits & Giggles
Bunny Love presents TITS and GIGGLES, an all female comedy/burlesque show starring the sexist, funniest women in NYC: Bunny Love, Rose Wood, Bambi the Mermaid, Miss Saturn, Kate Valentine, Diane O'Debra, Lukki and Julie Atlas Muz!!! Funny women taking their clothes off, what's better than that?!?

June 22
No Show (The night before the Mermaid Parade)

June 29
The World Famous Pontani Sisters
Pontani Sisters
Pontani Sisters...Come out and play!!
A Burlesque tribute show to the 1970's NYC gang film the Warriors! Join the Pontani Sisters, performing both ensemble & solo with very special guests, Murray Hill, Jo Boobs, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Pointe & more as they turn out stylized routines in the spirit of The Baseball Furies, The Lizzies, The Punks, Boppers and other fierce NYC gangs from the film!

July 6
Le Scandal Rockin Country Blues Variety-Burlesque Show Show
Bonnie Dunn
Le Scandal Cabaret is circus, burlesque, variety and the musical stylings of the NYC Blues Devils Band, the official Le Scandal House Band. Le Scandal goes down south with kick ass rockin country blues.
July 12
Sweet & Nasty Burlesque
July 13
I *pastie* NY
A Burlesque A love/hate story

img Starshine Burlesque presents an ode to this bitch of a lover we call New York. Why do we fight tooth and nail to stay in her warm embrace? Let us tell you of our misadventures and conquests using the fine tools of our trade: glitter, humor and a g-string.

Featuring: Creamy Stevens, Little Brooklyn, Tigger!, Nasty Canasta, Darlinda Just Darlinda, The Winner of the “Starshine Burlesque Starlet Search” - TBA! And more! more! more! (no really, more! We are not kidding!) music by: DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness


July 19
Rose Wood Presents:
Sister Frederique's Home for Wayward Girls

Sister Fredrique and a gang of wayward Burlesque babes will entertain and delight your misguided and lustful souls!"
July 20

Fisherman's Love Luau
The one-and-only Original Tiki Burlesque Show features the very best showgirls at their most Savage, driven by Fisherman's Xylophonic Orchestra into a frenzy of Primitive Abandon! With Bunny Love, Harvest Moon, Pinky Special, Gal Friday, and Sword-swallowing beauty Heather Holiday, and Illusionist Albert Cadabra.

July 26

Red Hots Burlesque's Clowns of Coney Island
The circus was in town and the clowns missed the caravan, so they're all here! real! and clownin'! on the inside for you! The cast is known for sword swallowing, fire eating, snake charming, shoving six inch spikes into their heads, fetching your drinks, being electrocuted on stage and you'll see all that and more!

Dottie Lux brings you Serpentina, Insectavora, Krazy Kanz, Donny V, Heather Holiday, Black Cat Burlesque, Remy Vicious, Scott Baker and more in this flower squirting good time! More info can be found at www.RedHotsBurlesque.com

July 27
Christmas in July
Xmas in July
Bambi presents Coney Island's coolest show of the Summer- our annual holiday tribute show! Hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny, starring Bunny Luv, Jo Boobs, Little Brooklyn, Darlinda just Darlinda, Femme Appeal, Diane O'Debra, Miss Coney Island Ekaterina, and Lolita Haze. Come celebrate Christmas Coney style!

August 2
The Peach Tartes present
"Alice in Coney 'Land"

Start believing in impossible things because New York's Juiciest Burlesque Troupe, The Peach Tartes, invite you down the Rabbit-Hole to the 'Land of Coney for the most curious thing you ever saw in your whole life: A Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. Don't be late for this very important date! Hosted by Bastard Keith, and featuring special guests Bambi the Mermaid and Albert Cadabra.

August 3
Joe Boobs Follies Fromage Amateur Night
Jo Boobs

Could This Be The World's Only All-Cheese Burlesque Show?

The Fifth Annual Follies Fromage at Coney Island’s Legendary Burlesque at the Beach! It’s a Cheese-O-Rama featuring New York Burlesque at its Dairy Best! Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, presents some of her most promising students as cheese. Can they cut it?

August 9
Miss Saturn's HulaPalooza!
The revolutionary Miss Saturn is hosting an ALL HULA HOOP cabaret show where comedy, burlesque, and circus converge. Come watch people do UNSUAL FEATS OF DEXTERITY while removing their clothing. Plus, the World Wide Hula Hoop Federation will be presenting HULA WARS!!!!

August 10

Ophelia Rottencrotch's Funeral

Join us in honoring the memory of OPHELIA ROTTENCROTCH THE WORLD OLDEST STRIPPER 1864-2007 RIP
The Coney Island Sideshow ,The Shadey Lady Funeral Home ,The Storeyville Hookers Union (Local 103), The Gospel Choir of Our Lady of The Gaping Wound and an All Star Burlesque Cast invite you to the funeral of Ophelia Rottencrotch , the infamous World's Oldest Stripper.
Formal Black Mourning , Black Lingerie Hookers ,Fringed Umbrellas,Dead Roses ,Top Hats,Victorian Widow's Weeds all appropriate attire.
Burlesque Funeral Program
9:30pm - Join the mourners at start of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral Parade outside the Sideshow to parade past Ophelia's favorite haunts on the Boardwalk.
10pm -The Funeral Parade returns outside the Sideshow for an honorary fireworks display
10:20pm - The Closed Casket Viewing, Funeral Service and All Star Burlesque Tribute
Pastor Mathias Mohr , Ms. Bambi the Mermaid, Ms. Bunny Love,Ms. Rose Wood, Ms. Lukki, Ms. Jo Boobs, Ms. Tickle and the Gospel Choir of the Lady of the Wound in celebrating the death (and life ) of the infamous Burlesque Legend. Ms. Rottencrotch is gone, but the smell lingers on.

August 16

Red Hots Burlesque
Summer sizzles through another month and Red Hots Burlesque are back with six performers ready to rock your socks one more time! Join WORLD FAMOUS *BOB*, KIT CAT, RUBIE FIZZ, DOTTIE LUX, SELINA VIXEN and NELSON LUGO for a night of classic striptease, wacky pageantry, surrealist beauty, insane magic and just general fun! All this for only $10! Can't be beat in the heat or out on the street, this is the best time you'll have this summer.

August 17
America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow-This or That!
This or That!
This or That!
America's wackiest gameshow returns for more outrageous moments of mirth and mayhem! Join our hosts Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz along with Fisherman, Bambi and Bunny for new challenges, special guests and Prizes, Prizes Prizes!!!

MAN: A Tease!

It's Coney Island's 1st Ever All-Male Burlesque Show! Hosted by the 1st Ever Mr. Exotic World, the "King of Boylesque," Tigger! Starring the unspeakably incendiary Scotty the Blue Bunny, the Regal Raunch of Rose Wood, the Luscious Lunacy of Bradford Scobie, the Ass-tounding Anarchy of Albert Cadabra, that Lascivious Limey La JohnJoseph & introducing Nubile Newbie Billy Cirque! Plus Eric Schmalenberger lends a dirty hand. Who needs a wine bath when you can take a Golden Shower? Featuring more boy-butt and dangle-dick than you can shake a stick at!

August 24
Insectavora's Trailer Trash Birthday Bash!
Come Celebrate Insectavora's Birthday with Salaciously Sordid Southern Shenanigans featuring a Wild Turkey Bath! Come early at 8pm for special birthday party with live music, cake, & cheap beer! Stay for main show @ 10pm! Featuring performances by Dotti Lux, Heather Holliday, Li'l Brooklyn, Remy Vicious, Serpentina & More!

August 30
Miss Coney Island Presents
Miss Coney Island
Come ONE, come ALL and bask in the presence of the beauty queen EKATERINA, as our reigning MISS CONEY ISLAND 2007 throws her last show of the season!

While divulging you in her Russian beauty secrets, you will be amazed by the dazzling acts of her international CIRCUS SUPERSTAR friends from as far away as Brooklyn, Queens, and ALPHABET CITY. Scandalous NUDITY for those perverting!!! HOOPS, ROPES, MAGIC and RUBBER PEOPLE!!! You haven't had this much fun since EASTER!

August 31
Remy Vicious' Lucha Muerte Atomicos- Dos!
It's a Lucha Libre masked mexican wrestling and horror/sci fi themed extravaganza featuring: Heather Holiday, Insectavora, Dottie Lux, Little Brooklyn, Viva Kneviel, and more!

September 7
Pinchbottom Burlesque
Pinchbottom reveals a much sexier plan for the development of Coney Island: a burlesque theme park featuring such rides and attractions as Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie, Peekaboo Pointe, Anita Cookie, Naughtia Nice and Bastard Keith, and more. Warning: the first few rows may get wet.

September 14
The Miss Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant

September 21
America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow-This or That!
This or That!
This or That!
America's wackiest gameshow returns for more outrageous moments of mirth and mayhem! Join our hosts Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz along with Fisherman, Bambi and Bunny for new challenges, special guests and Prizes, Prizes Prizes!!!

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NEW!!-Burlesque Academy!!!
Learn the tricks of the trade from Professor Jo Boobs in the new Coney Island Sideshow School Burlesque Master Class.
Burlesue Academy

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